| high five for friday |

1. I decided this week to accept it for what it is around here - winter. 

2. Bennett got a little "hands on" training in the ministry last night. 

3. Sven. Oh, Sven! A little "alter ego" of Matt Eagle. Words can not explain how funny I think this whole thing is. "Yah... Olllllllgah!" 

4. Benny decided that we have a new start up time  - and it was early. I am trying not to be bitter. 

5. Hanging out with my good friend, Lisa today! I love her lots & Matt and I love to tease her relentlessly, because she can take it (I appreciate that). Old pic, but I think it's the only one we have together.



  1. In Texas it's definitely still Fall but we like to pretend its winter just because the temps dipped below 50 degrees. We are (and me especially) are wimps!

  2. I'm not sure I'm ready to admit it's winter. I wore sandals wednesday and my feet were numb!!!