| november joy dare | day sixteen

three gifts hard eucharisteo: 

1. some seasons are hard: And it's hard to see the purpose when you are in them. But, while you are waiting for your miracle... or answer... or change... we give thanks. We thank God for what we have, while we wait for what is going to give us.
In this pic I was 23. a student. a newly married pastor's wife. unemployed. discouraged. appalled by the thought of motherhood. constantly at battle. struggling. judgemental. bitter. and let's face, irritated by almost everyone I met.

yep, lots of good stuff. 

Between then and now I have gone through lots of tests and trials. Stuff that I hated at the time, but I wouldn't change for anything now. God always knows what He is doing. Little by little He chips at us, transforming us into all that we were made to be.

2. marriage is hard: As one of my Facebook friends put it the other day:

"Marriage: where a malfunctioning printer will erupt a fight between you." Yep.

So. True. I remember the first time Matt and I successful but a bookshelf together, without erupting into a huge bickering match. I am pretty sure we went to DQ to celebrate afterwards... only to get in a fight on the way there, over Matt's driving. Sigh. 

However, there is nobody else that I would rather "do life" with. I love my man. I love the family that I have been married into. I am so blessed to be a Bombay, and I always hope & pray that I do the family name proud. 

3. mom life. it's hard, too:  You know about my Ma struggles! And if you don't, read about them here. 

Or here
Or here.
What can I say? It's a daily struggle.
Not only do you have to carry around a second life for 10 months - ah, fun fact, pregnancy is 40 weeks long! - then you have to "help it along" and deliver it. Take care of it. Teach it stuff. Yep, it's lots of work. But - as my friend Stephanie said the other day on Twitter "Kids are hard work - but not a burden!" Isn't that the truth.

For every day that seems so exhausting, I am always ready to get up the next day and do it again... most of the time.

Except today.  I'm tired.

*I wish I could put into words how much work it was to get dressed in all that gear, just to get the mail.

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