I've Been Thinking.

I hate religion.

I hate being associated with a bunch of rules created by man.

I hate that so many people are turned off by Christianity because they have been shown an inaccurate picture of God.

I hate that I am hesitant of telling people I am a Christian, because I don’t want them to think I am a judgmental, fanatical person, putting unrealistic expectations on them.

I hate that people who don’t necessarily believe what I believe feel that they can’t be themselves around me.

I hate that so many people will never experience the life that God intends for them.

I hate that so often we make church about US, and forget that it is all about Him.

I hate that my laziness stops me from doing what I really want to do.

I hate that I am often so consumed with what God can do for ME, that I forget about the larger picture... that it’s not all about me.

I love God.

I love the freedom I have found in my relationship with Him.

I love that He already knows how messed up I am, and loves me regardless.

I love that He loves me enough to correct me.

I love that He has shown me that being a Christian is more then just following rules, and attending a church.

I love that He has surrounded me with people who love me, and guide me with truth.

I love that He taught me at a young age that pride comes before the fall.

I love that He already knows what I need, even before I ask… or before I even know that I need it.

I love that He has taught me that I don’t have to have it all together, I just need to be willing.

I love that He is always faithful, period.

I love that He has taught me that worship is a lifestyle and attitude, not merely a song.

I love that He wants to use me for His glory, right now, just the way I am.


  1. TAGS: this is brilliant. Can I re-post it on my blog?

  2. Good thoughts. I love that the things you love outweigh the things you hate. That's a good lesson for me...thanks for that.

  3. This is amazing. I feel like these thoughts were plucked out of MY brain.

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys! Of course you can re-post it, Ben!

  5. I love reading your blog Taigan. I appreciate your insight so much...words of wisdom!
    ~Robin Johnston

  6. absolutely beautiful words, poetic and honest!