| november joy dare | day fifteen

 | challenged by the blog A Holy Experience to make the attitude of gratitude a habit! |

three gifts golden: 
1. blonde hair: it doesn't matter how long I have been getting my hair done at the salon, every time I go, I still feel like a million bucks! I am glad that after almost 7 years of marriage my husband has learned to go with it, and not say a word... no matter how much it costs.

2. wedding rings: a symbol of the gift that I get to live everyday with my best friend.

3. patience: I was sitting here trying to figure out what my last "gift" would be, when all of a sudden I spilled a whole mug of coffee ALL over me, the couch, my phone & laptop. My ability to remain calm, and not lose my mind at 7:15 in the morning is a big... wait... huge accomplishment.

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