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28 years later. 

I have looked at myself through the eyes of a 21 year old for... well, 7 years. I think over the last year I have actually started seeing myself for the age that I am, and not the age that I remember being.

This year... has been a big one. Lots of highs and lows, always learning, always failing - but always growing. And with that, comes lots of personal reflection.

I have learned 

that motherhood is hard, and it's easy to judge other parents when you aren't one - or don't live THEIR life.

i don't like shopping as much as i like to impress people. approval addiction. (work in progress)

friends are important. relationships are hard work.

it's o.k to like what i like. even if others don't.

i enjoy having a blog, because i don't feel obligated to use capital letters.

people don't care about me as much i think they do (in a good, "you're not the centre of the universe" kind of way)

how you act, and the choices you make have consequences, and they impact people. for good or bad.

naps are gold. don't take your free time for granted when you have it! ;)

worry. it doesn't add to my life, and it doesn't solve my problems. sooner or later, it all works out... even if it's not the way i had planned. (lesson in progress)

it's important to lighten up. expectations put on myself, other people, situations, etc. are always a doorway to disappointment. sometimes you just gotta let. it. be.

to stop wishing people knew me "back when" and "before this happened" and just let them know me for who I am now, the person that i have become because of those moments.

where I am now is not where I will always be. there is hope. there is growth. life is a journey.

people are crazy. and someone probably finds me crazy, too.

life is too short to not eat the things you want. seriously, eat the freaking cheesecake/candy/chips/chocolate, etc... LETS GO! { in moderation, of course } who am i kidding... i have always been an advocate of this, and not in moderation either. candy is always a good idea. cake is always a good breakfast, and so is pie. 

people in Saskatchewan don't know how to drive. sorry to generalize. but seriously. come on.

the importance of being happy for other people. i struggled with an inferiority complex and wicked jealous streak for years. God does not play favourites, and just because my life isn't like yours, it doesn't mean one is better then the other.

wealth is always moving with the horizon. you can have lots, and still feel limited. "mo money, mo problems!" (yep, i went there) i am blessed and thankful for my needs being met. He always takes care of me.

there IS such thing as gross coffee (I never use to believe it.)

i am not defined by how many friends, followers, and likes I get.

i am defined by how i treat those who i live and interact with, in person.

there is nothing new under the sun.

ministry would be great, if it weren't for the people. love people, but they are complicated, and let's be honest - sometimes hard to get a long with. {and sometimes i AM that person.}

it's important to do what you enjoy - whether career, or hobby - it is miserable to feel unfulfilled.

whatever season you are in, it's only a fragment of time. whether good or bad. remember your mountain tops when you are in the valley - to keep you encouraged. and remember your valley's when you are on the mountain top - to keep you humble.

you can never take too many pictures... especially of your beautifully, handsome, brilliant, charming, sweet, outgoing baby boy! {he definitely takes after his mother}

life starts when you stop trying to figure it out.

and lastly...

days become weeks. weeks become months. months become years. and they are all important. from the laziest day, to the longest year - they are all a part of my story, and they matter. it's important to not worry about what happened yesterday, or what will come of tomorrow. all i have is today.

 First birthday all married and stuff... 22 yrs old. 

 Rockin' a stiff upper lip for my 4th!

 Not happy about the cake at my 2nd b-day.


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  1. Word.up.looks like a great birthday post to look back on every year forward. praying for a year ahead of overflowing blessing and abundance of goodness. happy happy to you.