| high five for friday |

1. I won my clothing club on Monday night, and that means over $300 to spend on myself. I went and looked around the mall for the first time in months, on a mission to spend. Naturally, when I have the money - I can't find anything I want. But, I did walk out with these two iPhone covers. One's fun, for Bennett to smile at during all the picture taking ;), and one is faaaaancy --- you know, for all of those elegant affairs that I attend. 

2. Matt & I busted out of the house this week and went to the Youth For Christ banquet. The roast beef was good... but the cheesecake was fantastic! 

3. The sun came out this week. I was jonesing. This is the view from my bedroom, love that park and big open sky.

4. Bennett hit the 4 month mark on Thursday! 

5.  Annnnnnd, how can your week not be good when you get to hang out with this dude everyday! :)

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  1. Winning $300?! Awesome. Not finding things you want to spend it on...n to so awesome!! Your little man is adorable! Have a great weekend!!