101 Things- Updated!

Holla! Ok, so it's bee about 6 months since I started bloggin-it-up, and made my "101 Things" list. So, I thought I would review it this evening, and see just how far I have come...

1. Take a photography class... I am half way there, I got the camera.

7. Workout consistently... I've been running like nobody's business, and I love it.

8. Beat my sweet tooth. I had the same bag of candy in my cupboard for over a week- that is groundbreaking.
10. Record one song, to give to my mom, grandma and dad. Check it out----->

16. Maintain my blog!

17. Develop photos and put them in albums. Last week I printed off about 50 pictures from the last 2 years and put them in an album, I forgot how exciting it was to do that.

21. Go for more walks. Lately Matt and I have been walking by the bay at night... and I don't mind it- when it doesn't smell like sewage.

23. Watch less television. I can honestly say that I am only faithful to one show at this moment in time-- Big Brother. I have broken my addiction to the t.v!

25. Get dressed on the weekends, and not lay around in my p.j’s all day- mainly because I am always at someone else's house, and I have to.

29. Stop caring what people think… or realize that people don’t care as much as I THINK they do. (A work in progress, but I am seeing results!)

35. Share the good and positive things that are happening in my life... read the blog.

36. Make some jewelry. Oooo my embroidery bracelets from circa 1996 are a hit in my family.

39. Read my bible and pray EVERY day... learning that I can't live with out it.

42. Share my thoughts and ideas more... again, read the blog. I am not shy of sharing anymore!

54. Expect good things. Exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond...

58. Take time to look at the bigger picture, more often. I like the bigger picture... takes a lot more into account.

65. Realize that I am not going to wear the clothes that have been in my closet for years- and it’s time to give them up! Value Village hit the jackpot this weekend.

66. Drink more water- I have rarely drank Diet Coke in the last few months- only on weekends! I am all about the H20!

71. Take my time, and stop rushing. I am getting there, slowly. A cha cha cha.

84. Be who I am, and stop acting the way I think people perceive me. HARD- but worth it.

88. Dance more… even if my husband says I can’t! Richard knows where it is at!

96. Answer the phone when it rings. I am learning that my weekly talks with my dad are valuable!

98. Open the curtains and let the sunshine in! :)

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