If You Have a Few Minutes...

It’s been a busy week. We have been all over the place, de-cluttering our house, losing teeth, etc… however, in the midst of it all there have been some pretty crazy things going on.

On Saturday I got a message from my mom telling me that my Papa, Bill, had been in a bad accident. He was riding his horse, which got spooked, and threw him off, and then landed on top of him. Pretty crazy. He was air lifted to the hospital, has 8 broken ribs, a broken ankle, shoulder, and sternum… and a collapsed lung. One of the biggest concerns is his breathing, the threat of pneumonia, and other infections. He was placed in a coma, and the doctors have been trying to bring him out of it, and allow him to breath on his own, but every time they do, his blood pressure spikes. He has responded to questions by squeezing hands and winking. He remains stable. He hasn’t got any worse, but still isn’t on the mend. He is in a lot of pain. If you have a spare moment or two, throw a prayer up for him. He is one of the greatest people I have ever known. Everyone loves him, and if you had the opportunity to meet him, you would too. Pray for my mom and her siblings too, they need peace.

On the flip side, some of my greatest friends, Richard and Tracy, will be welcoming their baby girl into the world this week. We are so excited for them, and can’t wait to meet little Sydney… so if you have a few more spare minutes, throw a little prayer up for a safe arrival of their new addition, and the beginning of parenthood for these two amazing people!


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