Recently a co-worker of mine told me that she started a blog as a result of an article she read, where the author challenged people to make a list of 101 things that they wanted to accomplish in 1001 days (roughly 3 years). When I read her list it instantly inspired me to 1. Start a blog, to share some of my own thoughts, and 2. make my own list. I figure, why have all these thoughts and ideas rolling around in your brain, when you get them out on "screen", and keep yourself rolling with your list. So, here we go!

1. Take a photography class.
2. Learn to sew.
3. Sing more.
4. Learn how to play piano.
5. Have a child.
6. Go on vacations.
7. Workout consistently.
8. Beat my sweet tooth.
9. Be a friend, to have more friends.
10. Record one song, to give to my mom, grandma and dad.
11. Read more books… possibly one a month.
12. Work as a dental hygienist.
13. Stop biting my nails… for good.
14. Wear the first outfit I put on in the morning, and not change 10 times.
15. Pay off student debt… some of it.
16. Maintain my blog!
17. Develop photos and put them in albums.
18. Keep in touch with my friends, and take the first step.
19. Talk to my siblings more often.
20. Learn how to cook a handful of dishes to get me through a few weeks of meals!
21. Go for more walks.
22. Stay on top of my laundry … a girl can dream.
23. Watch less television.
24. Wash my makeup off before bed!
25. Get dressed on the weekends, and not lay around in my p.j’s all day
26. Go to DisneyWorld
27. See Michael Buble in concert.
28. Stop my addiction for trashy magazines… they only make me feel inferior.
29. Stop caring what people think… or realize that people don’t care as much as I THINK they do.
30. Find my green thumb- I have an acre of land, and no desire to maintain it.
31. Laugh more.
32. Finish my basement.
33. Have more parties.
34. Go out more during the week- stop letting the next day of work stop me!
35. Share the good and positive things that are happening in my life.
36. Make some jewelry.
37. Spend money for quality rather then quantity.
38. Break free from the idea that everything has to be PLANNED—so, be more spontaneous!
39. Read my bible and pray EVERY day.
40. Start a journal.
41. Respect my elders.
42. Share my thoughts and ideas more.
43. Pay attention to my bank account
44. Take more interest in my husbands interests, and not make fun of him for them.
45. Visit my Grandparents in Texas.
46. Attend a Joyce Meyer conference.
47. Go on a missions trip, and provide dental treatment for people in need.
48. Save money.
49. Visit a Southern Baptist church.
50. Wakeboard more- I think I could be good.
51. Work on my stubbornness-and independence, there is nothing wrong with asking for help.
52. Be happy for others. Plain and simple.
53. Floss more. I know, I should know better.
54. Expect good things.
55. Golf more.
56. Wear good shoes- for comfort and health over fashion.
57. Moisturize.
58. Take time to look at the bigger picture, more often.
59. Get a family photo taken.
60. Re-stage our wedding photos!
61. Be thankful.
62. Listen to people when they speak.
63. Tame my OCD.
64. Clean my house more.
65. Realize that I am not going to wear the clothes that have been in my closet for years- and it’s time to give them up!
66. Drink more water
67. Watch/read the news(paper).
68. Organize our office and old paperwork.
69. Use my Crockpot.
70. Stop cracking my knuckles.
71. Take my time, and stop rushing.
72. Care less when people don’t like me, or are critical (unless the person matters)
73. Be patient.
74. Stop using the word “irritating”.
75. Paint my toenails… it just seems like so much work!
76. Watch Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter movies…for the first time ever.
77. Get an ironing board, and… you guessed it! Iron more!!!
78. Visit the Eastern portion of Canada.
79. Organize my sewing kit.
80. Learn how to decorate a cake… nicely.
81. Make more to do lists.
82. Stop letting other people dictate my happiness!
83. Worship even when I don’t want to.
84. Be who I am, and stop acting the way I think people perceive me.
85. Realize that I will never be rich, and that is good because money won’t make me happy.
86. Wear less makeup.
87. Wear more lip chap.
88. Dance more… even if my husband says I can’t!
89. Stop wearing my shoes on the living room carpet.
90. Get a bookshelf… for all the books I am going to read.
91. Or a library membership, and I WILL return the books on time.
92. Volunteer more.
93. Realize that if I want to change, I have to be a part of the change.
94. Read more blogs, that aren’t of the celebrity bashing nature.
95. Make my own salad dressing.
96. Answer the phone when it rings.
97. Visit the Potter’s House in Texas—Td Jakes!
98. Open the curtains and let the sunshine in!
99. Set up our hot tub, and use it
100. Spend more time with my girl friends.
101. Think of 101 new things to accomplish!

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