Read This... Do it.

Meet my new favorite person... the Very Worst Missionary.

My brother in law recently posted her blog on his Facebook, and she has since become an instant favorite among our family--- like, the whole family... sisters, brothers, mother, father, aunts... yep, we all love her.

In one of her posts she talks about how her family will HARASS YOU TO TEARS if you speak of celebrities, or people you do not know, as if you DO know them... and well, the irony of it all is that we do that when we talk about her.

Most people would get this picture if a ministry family sitting around the living room, reading scripture to one another, while mom plays the piano... but in our family we sit around and listen to my sister in law read the VWM's blog post on her burn victim friend.

Here are some of our favorite posts, in no particular order... ok, that's a lie. We LOVE "Things Not To Say To Your Burn Victim Friend"... so, it's number one :)





AND... after you start reading, and want to know more about El Chupacabra, you can follow his blog here: http://stevenwrightcr.blogspot.com/

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