| high five for friday |

1. Another youth formal come and gone! It was a great night. Love our youth group, and all of our leaders. We are so blessed. 

2. This is the first year that I have prepared a CHRISTMAS CARD. It may be because Bennett is here, or it could be because I am addicted to Pinterest. But this year, I thought it was neccessary to have a Christmas card. I was going to have a professional pic taken of him, and one of us as a family, but it just wasn't in the finances this year - so I made my own. Once he stopped gnawing on the live wires, and looked up at the camera I managed to get a good shot! I winged it in photoshop, and came up with this. It works! 

3. I decided to go through some boxes of clothes in the basement - because I have been buying stuff from Value Village since I found out I was having a boy. I found a whole box of 6-12 month old stuff, which is awesome because all of B's shirts were too short in the arms! 

4. We got to hang out with some friends this week, and played Pictionary. It was so much fun, even for the 2/4 of us that despise playing games. 

5. Baby leg warmers. On my wish list. Ridiculously priced - so we made our own. It's amazing the variety of socks they have at Dollarama. I was just there quickly picking up some paint, and bought a few pairs on a whim, with the hopes that my vision would become reality. 


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