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- Bennett is born. July 8 2012. 7.6oz. 21 inches. 9:08pm.

- My last day of work before a year of mat leave. I was so tired.

- Going home in August to see family & introduce Bennett. Stressful, exhausting, and so worth it!

- Christmas.

- Blogging again

- Singing on worship team. It felt good to do what I enjoy, and push me to deal with anxiety issues! 

- Injecting people with dental anesthetic. I know, weird. It was kind of a big deal for me.

- Christmas shopping spree with my dental office. Such an awesome surprise. So thoughtful.

- Using my crock-pot.

- Being a part of the 'big move' to our new church building. Such an awesome privilege to be able to minister with a great facility. I know it's not about the building... but it does make a lot of things easier!

- Reuniting with my BFF. Getting to see her beautiful home. Going out for dinner. Cruising around her city. It was all good.

- Self reflection. Recognizing personal growth. Growing up. Realizing what matters. Understanding where I need to grow. Enjoying the moment.

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