Divine 2010

Tomorrow (Thursday) is my FRIDAY! Yes, I am taking a day off work, to truck it from Belleville to Kitchener to see my friend Nicole Brodrecht!

Not only am I going to catch up with my friend (and her lovely family), I will be attending the DIVINE Women's Conference, at her church: Koinonia Christian Fellowship.

Dressing up, desserts, fun, catching up, and time with God! Yes please!

Since the Brodrecht's began attending this church I have been waiting and waiting to get a chance to visit with them... and now is the time!

When Nicole asked me if I would be willing to come to her church's women's conference I instantly jumped at the opportunity.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for the weekend! I know it will be an amazing time! Yea!

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  1. WOOOHOOOO!!!!! I am so pumped and honoured that you wanted to come!!! YAY!!! Going to be a fantatic weekend!!!