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I've been thinking. Pinterest. A phenomenon where I spend hours "pinning" things I want to do, wish I owned, and plan on learning how to make... and I never do it.

I have spent the last year pinning outfits that looks exactly like the ones in my closet, food that I have all the ingredients for, and never try and countless home "DIY"s that I have never completed.

So, I have been pinspired to challenge myself.

First challenge: 30 outfits in 30 days, with clothes I already own. What's the point in more clothes, when I don't even wear the ones I have? And let's be honest, I can't afford to always be buying clothes, just because I want them.

Second challenge: One Pinterest recipe a week.

Third challenge: One Pinterest DIY project a week.

With age I am learning that I can't sit around and watch other people doing the things that I wish I was doing. Wishing never gets us anywhere, it's the doing that makes it happen (obviously). For me, it's about blogging, clothes, and some DIY stuff. For you, it could be... scrap-booking, I don't know! The point is... DO IT.

I think that Pinterest is such an amazing invention. I love browsing it and having my eyes opened to new things, so I really want to utilize it for what it has to offer.

Join with me in my journey! I am sure it will be... pinteresting, a cha cha cha ;) 

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  1. fun stuff! i recently completed 30 days of no shopping, it was challenging, but worth it :)