| november joy dare | day twenty two

A gift grateful:

grateful: warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful

I am so grateful for our home. It is somewhat of a miracle to us that we were able to get into the market here in Saskatoon. 

When we moved here we hadn't sold our home in Belleville, I didn't have a permanent full time job, and having a lot of student loans didn't help either.  

When our home finally did sell in Belleville we didn't end up making any money on it and we had put a lot of money and work into it, to just get it sold. 

A fun fact: Saskatoon is one of the fast growing cities in Canada, and it's real estate market reflects that. It's real estate prices are comparable to Toronto, and for first time home buyers it can be virtually impossible to break into the market here.

Through God, people, and prayer we ended up getting this beautiful home to start a family here. We live in a nice subdivision, lots of parks surrounding us, and I am 2 blocks from my work. I couldn't be happier. 

It was also nice moving into a brand-new place, after buying a dive and attempting to make it nice. I will say that I am anxious to get the basement completed, because all of our baby stuff has taken over the main level - but that will happen in time. It is not neccessary, nor does it being unfinished make me love this place any less. 

First pic: the outside of our place, it's half of a duplex, hence the weird angle! Second pic: the sunset from my bedroom window. It's probably one of my favourite things about living here. Love looking out into the huge green-space. Third pic: It was awesome to hang out in our backyard this summer. We bought our first set of patio furniture, and our friends bought us a fire-pit as a housewarming gift. Can't wait to spend our summer out there, next year. 

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