| gratitude |

Halloween, candy, snow, pink eye, ring worm (yah, you read that right- it's not actually a worm, *fun fact*), parties, coffee dates, play dates, naps, laundry... oh it was a party.

So much to be thankful for, and I know that I am bombarding you with thankfulness, it's probably annoying... but, I am learning that my joy is in the repetitive, normal, realistic moments that are occurring everyday and forming my life.

The journey is the destination, and it begins with a thankful heart.

I read this today:

"The life that counts blessings discovers its yielding more than it seems." - Ann Voskamp

Often times we are so busy looking at what others have, and counting all of their blessings, that we forget to count our own.

When you take the time to look around your own life, you will find that you have more - and need less - then what you think. 

| gratitude |

- the pink eye that healed over night {giving a 4 month old eye drops = good times}

- a new friend

- a large assortment of Keurig coffee pods {you know, cause i like to mix it up}

- blogging, a creative outlet

- judge judy, she teaches me so much, and is hilarious {i wish i were kidding}

- the snow {even though its terrifying to drive in... it's so pretty}

- a husband that cooks

- completing all of my laundry in a day {that never happens}

- td jakes {for the days i feel like being preached at, and need to get fired up!}

- #SheReadsTruth, i successfully read my bible everyday this week because i had a community to do it with

AND, since gratitude and joy go hand in hand, I am incorporating today's JOY DARE into this post:


| november joy dare | day three |

{ challenged by the blog A Holy Experience to make the attitude of gratitude a habit!} 

day three: three gifts that start with N

1. naps: These are like gold now-a-days. I love when my son takes a good, long nap. It makes him a happier baby, and I get some rest too.

2. nostalgia: I love the memories that come flooding back when you see a picture, hear a song, or catch a smell from a past moment in time. I still remember this windy day, taking engagement pics with my man.

3. november: The month of my birth and a gift from God to be able to live and become all that He has made me to be. My first niece's birthday is the day after mine, and I always remember when she was born. I have never been so excited for something, and, even though I know the feeling of being a mom, there is so much joy that comes from being an aunt. {this is also a nostalgic pic, it was 5 years ago}

Happy Saturday! I am looking forward to a day of hibernating... and maybe shaving Bennett's head *stay tuned* ;)

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