The last few days I have been overwhelmed with the reality of how many people are trying to function in life from a place of hurt.

For a long time I have been asking God for an understanding of why people do the things they do. I have asked Him to show me where people are “coming from”, and although I have had glimpses from time to time, it is another thing to feel the pain that another person has.

I am surrounded with those who are disappointed, damaged, worried, upset, lonely, stressed, and broken. Whether it is crushed dreams, injustices, or feelings of self hate, when you arrive at a place where your heart aches for those who are hurting, it can rock your world.

Recently I looked into the eyes of someone who is hurting. Someone who believes that they are worthless, and a loss cause. Everything about them radiates anger, and emptiness and I wish that I could show them that they are just the opposite.

How do you tell someone they are worthy... after they have believed that they are nothing for so long?

How do you convince someone that they have a future and a hope… when they feel like everything they do ends up wrong?

How do you convince someone that just because they are different... it doesn’t mean they aren't meant to do something great?

How do you tell them that there is more to life then the cycle of pain and anger that they have been functioning in?

I haven’t figured out the answer to any of these questions. I pray that He reveals this through relationships, circumstance, and time. I pray that He fills the emptiness, and somehow returns all of the moments and opportunities that have been lost due to hurt.

When you arrive at the place where you feel the pain that someone else is carrying, it allows you to respond from a position of grace all the more. It brings the understanding that just because someone treats you poorly, it’s not always because of you, but out of a root of hurt or anger that still needs to be pulled.

My natural tendency has always been to write others off when they are rude, mean, abrasive, or condescending… and although I am not the kind of gal who allows others to walk all over me, I thank God that He has taught me to consider the deeper issues, and see where others are coming from. Sometimes there is more to it then just “they should know better” and it is always easier to disregard someone, rather then respond from a place of empathy and grace.

I have asked God to reveal His heart, and how it aches for His children- and I know that I have only felt a small fraction. I pray that if you are in a deep place of hurt, you find the faith to ask God to show himself strong in your life.

He cares.

He understands.

He heals.

And He saves those that call on His name.

All you have to do is ask.

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  1. Great stuff ;) Enjoyed the read and really made he think also... no matter where we are in life, we can always work harder at seeing things through others eyes.