Trust Me.

This morning I woke up, and as I lay in bed, I asked God what he wanted me to do... referring to life in general, of course.

He answered. In the most simple, and quiet way.
He was right. He is always right. I hate it when He is right. And why does he have to tell me in such a simple way??? Isn't an angel suppose to descend, and trumpets go off, and flashing arrows point to an answer in the sky? Or, shouldn't I be able to just open to my bible to any random page, find the answer staring at me?

It's not in the moments of chaos and excitement that you will usually hear the voice of God. It's in the quiet, still moments... where you can hear Him speak. Where the noise and emotional experience are silenced, and all that is left is you and God--- when you can hear him say:

"Trust me."

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