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I remember sinking in an ocean that was too deep.


It was around the same time that the ones beside me pulled the life raft out from under me, and left me alone. 

The darkness was unending. Miles of deep blue. Leaving me abandoned and alone.


I searched and wondered if anyone would come. Could they hear my call? A cry for help, in the deepest waters that I had ever treaded. 

When I looked around there was nobody there to help. Only a few in the distance who watched and did nothing. 

As I treaded on, and called out to You, sure that you had forsaken me, there You were. 

In the distance I could see you. Approaching me in the darkest of nights. 

At first it was unclear, but the more exhausted I became, the brighter You began to shine. 

You were there the whole time. Watching on, as I became stronger, and held on a bit longer. 

I gasped for air, sure that this would be my last breath, and you reached out, pulling me into safety. 

Why did you wait so long to help me? Did you not see my struggle?

It is in that moment that I wonder if I am worthy. 
Am I loved? 
Why would you wait? 
Why watch the struggle? 

He pushes us to greatness. 
Further than we thought we could go. 
Longer than we thought we could last. 
He pulls the strength out of us, that which we didn't even know was there. 

That is when it becomes clear. He is always there.
Watching and waiting. 
Ready and able. 
Strong and mighty to save. 

And all of us have treaded these waters. Reaching out for someone to help us. Searching in the distance for one that would rescue us. 

After we have suffered a little while. 
Treaded on. 
Gasped for one more breath. 
Conquered exhaustion. 

He himself will restore.

He himself will rescue you from those deep waters, and place you on a firm foundation. 

| 1 Peter 5: 10 |

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