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I'm not sure if it is the endless darkness, or the fact that I am a new mom, but lately I am exhausted. That- can't get out of bed-just five more minutes-fall asleep on the couch while watching your baby and gripping your coffee cup- kind of exhaustion.

Around here, at this time of year, it is dark at 5 pm, and it doesn't get light until around 9 am. You basically go to work in the darkness, and go home in the darkness.

When you are constantly living in darkness it begins wear on your soul. 

Cabin fever.
Seasonal depression.

"the Lord my God lightens my darkness." - Psalm 38:29

When the depths of darkness start to takeover, and there seems to be no end, He will bring even the deepest darkness to light. He will lift the heaviness of depression, that suffocates the lungs. He will bring rest, in the midts of a deep exhaustion.

The great thing about Northern Canada, is that when the summer comes, the light is unending. We wake up in the light, and fall asleep in the light. 

Sooner or later the darkness will break.

Energy will be restored. A light will shine.

But every season has it's purpose, and God is too good to push us beyond what we can bare.

For if we didn't know the deepest moments of darkness, we would not be able to understand the greatness of His good light.

Lord be the light of our souls, when our whole being is crippled by the weight of darkness. Remind us of your good light, when we cannot see past the night. Be my energy when I am overcome with exhaustion. 

You are the Lord, my God, who lightens my darkness. 

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