| high five for friday |

1. Bennett had his 2nd round of immunizations yesterday, and barely even let out a cry. Tough. As. Nails. Today he has been feverish, so I am hoping that ends soon! 

2. It's that time of year. Chocolate orange time. 

3. My birthday was the best to date, because I got to spend it with this little man. 

4. I have been wanting big "pearls" like this for a while - but, ya know, I am so darn cheap, even $8 seems ridiculous (sorry Joe), so when I found these gems at Dollarama how could I say no? *No crazy allergic reaction to be noted...yet * 

5. Every once in a while something comes over me, and I decide that I should iron the pile of dress shirts that are laying on our closet floor. Today was that day. This won't happen again until spring. Until then, we fluff in the dryer.


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