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October has been a great month!

I feel like this mom thing is getting easier. Bennett and I are at an... understanding of eachother. He is growing so much, and I am starting to enjoy having a baby. It wasn't really fun for me the first 6 to 8 weeks of his life. Just being honest. There were times when I thought "what have I done?" It's just the ups and downs that come with being a new mom, and I am learning that I don't have to know it all - do what other people do - or have a textbook experience. This is my life. Our life as a family. And we are learning and doing what is best for us... and it's working.

Bennett laughed for the first time this week (an actual belly laugh) and he doesn't cry - as much - in the car anymore! Big developments, and something I am so thankful for!

Today we are all dressed up for Halloween. Our Jr High ministry is tonight, so we will go and see some of the kids, and possibly get some candy... for me. Having Bennett in his first Halloween costume reminded me of my first Halloween. I went as a clown (pictured below) - and although my face looks terrifying - I still remember my mom making that outfit for me (I think I was 3), and being so proud of it. She worked hard on it. Maybe when he is older I will try and pull some kind of creative idea like that out, and make something. For now, a $12 Carter's costume is good enough! :)

Can't wait to see what November holds for the Bombay's! I am turning 28, and we are just entering our 3rd year of ministry at Elim Church. I love my Saskatoon family, and excited for another year here!

{This time of the year always remindeds me of our Road Trip Blogs that we recorded, feel free to reminisce with me below }

Here are some pics from today, to wrap up our October 2012! 

 Did you say CANDY!?

 This was my FIRST Halloween costume. It is unintentionally scary.

We had our friends over, and it was a par-tay. It was wild. I feel as though this is a glimpse into my life a few months from now!

 These are my 3 favorite videos from our road-trip, mainly due to the apparent chemistry between Matt and I!

PS- It SUCKS when it snows in October. Makes for a lonnnnnng winter!

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