Don't Lose the You.

A few months ago a woman that I look up to told me to not lose “the Taigan”.

I have not been able to get that sentence out of my head. She basically gave me permission to be who I am, and told me not to lose who I am because of everyday life. Moments later, in a separate conversation, her husband told me that he saw me as a closed flower, who could have the potential to bloom, if I would let myself.

I have taken their words to heart, and found that life is much simpler, and joyful when you allow yourself to be who you really are. For a long time I have believed that in order for me to be effective, liked, and happy, I need to have approval, and because of this, I have behaved out of ways that I felt others would be happy with.

In functioning out of freedom, and truth I have found that all of these things will fulfill themselves. There is an unspoken confidence and happiness revealed in our lives when we are honest and content with what has been given to us, and who we are.

In this season of time, I have found that it is so important to take off the mask, and just be. I have learned that when we start into relationships it is important to come with honesty and freedom, because if we don’t, it can become very tiring to uphold the picture we have painted for people.

If nobody has ever told you before, I am going to tell you that it is ok to be you. Allow who you are, right now, to be enough.

Don’t lose the “you”.

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