Life Lessons in Progress.

The following is a list of thoughts that have been going through my mind, over the last week. Some revealed through conversation with my husband, others on my own. Just because I have written them down, and believe them in my heart, it doesn’t mean that my mind has accepted them. Take what you want from them- and, if anything, know that I am sharing them more out of a need to remind myself.

It’s ok to be considered un-successful. Everybody’s definition of success is different, and that is why we are all important.

Family is God’s comfort- they are always there, and they understand (or they well at least make you think they understand). Make sure your family knows how much you love them.

You will always run into people that dislike you, and that is ok. For every person that doesn’t like you, another handful will love you.

Life goes on, and you should too.

It’s OK for someone else to be more talented than you. Everyone does not have the same passion, and personality- therefore, not everyone will have the same outcome in his or her endeavors.

There is a freedom found in acceptance of who you are.

People change. It is important to give them a second chance.

Forgive. What you don’t resolve in your heart, you will drag into new experiences, and it can be haunting.

God keeps good books.

Stop caring about what everyone thinks of you, regardless of whether you believe they think the best or the worst of you. This may be hard to believe, but people really don't care that much.

Life is a process- you may not be where you want to be, but you are further along than when you first began.

Be happy for others. Sometimes God holds back what we are asking Him for, until we can be happy for someone else, who He has blessed.

You don't always have to win... and you don't always have to be right.

If you are a Christian, and are too busy for God (reading His Word, praying, building a relationship with Him)- than you are TOO busy. A mere 5 minutes spent with God, can drastically change 24 hours in a day. I know, because I can be ugly if I don’t start my day off with Him.

Too much free time is not necessarily a good thing.

You have more to offer than you think- sometimes you just have to go for it.

We don’t need to understand everything. God has a plan, you are a part of it, now ask Him where you fit… and trust him in the process.

It is true, God will not put you through more than you can handle. And when you feel like you are always being “put through” something, consider it an honor, because He obviously knows you can take it.

God is looking for people to be good and gracious to, and you are blessed when you diligently wait on Him.

It is better to have the life that God wants for you, than to have the life that YOU want for you. Easier said then done, right?

Don’t get caught up in the numbers. In a world where everyone wants “more” (money, people, appreciation, acceptance, materials, etc), Heaven rejoices over ONE lost person that has been found. You have people all around that you impact. To YOU it may not be important, but to God it is.

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