Matthew R. Bombay

WARNING: The following post is incredibly self-indulgent!

I love my husband.

I love his outgoing personality, and his sense of humor. I love that he makes me a better person, and encourages me to be my best. I love that he isn’t afraid to try new things, and maintains old things that still work. I love that he cooks me dinner, and bakes me banana chocolate chip muffins… frequently. I love that he knows who he is, and even when people tell him who he SHOULD be, he stays true to himself. I love his confidence. I love his simple approach to a relationship with God, and in return, the clear and simple answers that God gives him.

I love that he wants to be a Dad, and is trying to convince ME to have a baby. I love that he would sacrifice everything for his family. I love that even when he denies it, he REALLY is proud of his family heritage. I love that he can make anyone laugh, even if it is the wrong time and place. I love that even if you want to hate him, you can’t help but love him, because he grows on you! I love that he shakes things off, and he sees the big picture. I love that he lets me be myself, and never acts embarrassed. I love that even though he hates cuddling, he does it because he knows it makes me happy. I love that his idea of compromise is flicking to my shows in between sports programming. I love that even though he is a fabulous singer and musician, he never listens to music. I love that he likes to have fun, and encourages me to lighten up. I love that he will go out of his way to bring me coffee, when I know he has more important things to do.

I love that he doesn’t feel the need to follow the crowd, but will sacrifice his popularity for his beliefs. I love that he is a wellspring of information, and if he doesn’t know something, he will find out the answer through Google! I love that he has a best friend who he acts like a teenager with. I love that he is a neat freak. I love that his worries are short, because he always believes that God is in control, and will have the last say. I love that he knows how to put an outfit together. I love that he is a geek—Starfleet Commander? Fantasy Sports? I love that he always considers the source. I love that every time he gets sad and depressed, he tries to convince me that we need to get a kitten. I love him!

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves, and our families why we love them so much!

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