Today I left work early, because I was feeling sick. The night before, I fell asleep on our couch, and I am sure that I didn’t change my position until 7:00am. When I woke, I had a terrible pain in my neck, my body was in a massive ache, and my eyes were so heavy I could barely function. Usually, mornings like this can be fixed with 3 cups of coffee before noon, and I am my normal self in no time! Today, however, was a different day.

As I was sitting at my desk, trying to function and perform normal daily tasks, it got me thinking about a few things.

1. Seeing as I work in a disability office, it shed new light on the circumstances that some of the recipients that are a part of the program, deal with on a daily basis- not that my one day “issue” is ANYTHING compared to some of the things that they go through, but it did make me realize that being in pain can completely change your whole demeanor and personality. The next time that someone is rude to me, or abruptly cuts me off when I try and help them on the phone, I will remember the way that I felt today, and hopefully sympathize with them in a new way.

2. My pain made me think if one kink in my neck is causing my whole body and emotions to work out of order, then “diseases” like bitterness & anger, can do the exact same thing, to my spiritual health.

The Bible says that bitterness is a poison and it affects our whole body, which leads to other issues in our lives (dissention, jealousy etc.) Just like lying on the couch for one night, threw off my whole physical state, a small offense can cause a root of bitterness, which will eventually spread, and affect our whole being.

When I left work and returned home, I immediately did a few things to try and help my situation. I had a long, hot shower; got into some comfortable clothes; prepared a warm drink; and took some Advil. I spent the next few hours trying to relax, and possibly get some “proper” sleep. Those few hours at home, taking time to correct what had been out of sync, has already made me start to feel better, and I know that tomorrow is going to be a new and better day.

Sometimes instead of waiting for the bitterness, and anger to work themselves out- we just need to recognize what is needed to medicate and correct them. The Word of God, and spending time with him are always the remedy, for any situation we are faced with.

It is normal to get upset in this life, but it is how we react, and what we hold in our hearts, that matters. I know personally that when I become offended or hurt, I can either sit around and think about it- (which usually magnifies the problem, and makes me more upset), Or I can go to God, my Healer- and he makes all things new.

I am glad that I don’t have to walk around with a heavy and hurting heart! He is my Comforter, and he always provides the proper remedy when I am in need.

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