The Favorite List.

Do you know that God doesn’t play favorites?

The bible reminds us over and over again that He is “no respecter of persons…” He does not choose favorites among his children- those who are living according to his will, and who are faithful to him. For me, this has always been a hard concept to grab a hold of, because of the society we live in, and the examples of favoritism I have seen in my own life.

Everyday we see examples of favoritism. From the media telling us who their next A-list celebrity is going to be, to the average person or child who faces it in the workplace or at school.

I remember being in elementary school and realizing that one of my teachers had a few favorites, whom she elevated over the rest of our class. I remember what it felt like to know that no matter what I did, or said, it wasn’t going to measure up to the people that she liked better. One day, I came home after an incident where I didn’t understand why she was so rude to me. I remember my mom putting it plain and simple for me--- “She just has a bee in her bonnet for you! There is nothing you can do about it…” This was a comment that changed everything for me, and made me think: “If my mom sees it, and she thinks it is ridiculous, then I guess it must not be that big of a deal!” To be honest, I can’t remember one incident after that day where I felt depreciated in my grade 4 Class. I decided to brush it off and move on, because there was nothing I could do about it, as my mom had reminded me! (Thanks Mom.)

Although I was nine at the time, I can still remember today, the way I felt in those moments. I remember the combination of anxiety and nerves, working together to figure out a way to make my teacher “change her mind” about me; to maybe see that I was just as good as some of the other kids, and capable of being a favorite, too!

We are constantly bombarded with the idea that you are either the best, or the nothing at all. All around me I see the notion that you have to align to people of status and authority, so that they will like us, and see the good things we are capable of. The idea that if we have the favor of someone who can do something for us, or get us ahead in life, we ought to be set for success!

I am glad that God has a purpose for all of us- and he calls each purpose the “best”. They may all be different, and displayed in a variety of ways- but to God they are all on par. He is willing to pour out his favor on ALL, and not just a few. He doesn’t decide that one person will have good things, and another will have nothing. That one person will have everything handed to them on a silver platter, and another will suffer and struggle all their lives. The great promises of the Lord are for ALL who will do WHAT He asks of them.

This is something that I hold very dear to my heart. For years I thought that I had to bend over backwards, and never make a mistake or wrong move, so that I could be on God’s “favorite” list. I thought that I first had to perfect everything that was wrong with me, before I could expect anything good from Him. I am glad that this isn’t how He operates! The good things that he provides for one person, he can provide for another. Sometimes we just need to ask him, and be faithful with what he asked us to do, in return.

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